Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How much do flat iron hair straighteners cost?

how much is a cheap kind of hair straightener, and where can i get one?

(I have fairly thick long hair, if that matters...)

Thanks so much!!How much do flat iron hair straighteners cost?
If you have thick, long hair you shouldn't buy a cheap hair straightener. It's not going to starighten well, and it'll damage your hair. I suggest you save your money and wait to buy a good one like a CHI. Sally's is having a sale on them right now.How much do flat iron hair straighteners cost?
CHI straightner at costco is $80 :)
Depending on quality, and store, can range from 15.00 to 75.00 , But I advise u to consult with operator. This is very damaging to hair, breakage, split ends, frizzies, may lighten hair, very bad choice,LOL





from like 20 up

make sure it's ceramic though!!! =)
You just want a flat iron? The one I have now I bought from a salon for $75. Before this, I bought one at Wal-greens for $20 just so I could see if I liked it and get the hang of using it. I recommend you buy a soothing serum too to make your new straight hair a little shiny and a little less frizzy.

Incidentally, I don't notice a difference between the old %26amp; the new. I have thick long-ish hair and I prefer the thinner straightener even though it takes longer to do my hair. :)
My sisters was $59.99. She got hers at Target, But you can fing them at Hair salons and drugstores.

if you want one that works, it will at least be $100. don't waste your money on a cheap straightener..you will ruin your hair. just remember, you get what you pay for.
They have some at walmart starting off at like $15 I think. I use to have one. It didn't work too good so I bought a CHI which is more expensive but you get what you pay for lol

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A salon quality flat Iron (hair straightener) for cheap?

Right now I own a Revlon hair straightener that I bought at the drug store for about 50$.

I have very thick, wavy, and frizzy hair and my current hair straighter just doesn't do it.

I used my friend's salon quality straighter the other day and my hair was pin straight and silky within 10 minutes, and it lasted like that for two days.

I want to invest in a good quality straightener, but I want to spend as little money as possibly (under 100$).

What type of straighter should I buy?

Any brand suggestions?A salon quality flat Iron (hair straightener) for cheap?

you might have to spend a little more than you want but its so worth it!

:)A salon quality flat Iron (hair straightener) for cheap?
See if anyone is selling their salon brand sraightener on eBAY!

Also, Marshalls and TJMaxx have good hair tools.

I've heard that CHI are great. =]
Personally I'd go with Maxi glide..

($80 ,http://www.folica.com/Maxiglide_Hair__d1鈥?/a>


The Instyler..

($15 for 2 30-day trial w/ one free after trial,http://www.getinstyler.com/)

($100 for 1, search ebay)

I thoroughly check reviews and research anything before i recommend it, or try products. What i like about these two you can watch live testimonials which are tied in with their commericals. Poofy hair checks turning into sleek hair before your eyes.

(search ';Maxi glide'; and ';instyler'; youtube)
I would talk to your hair stylist too.

My hair stylist got me a chi for $65 dollars because it's in a design (the camo collection) that is limited edition and now being discontinued so they're trying to sell out the last of them.

Flat irons/hair straighteners..?

i have a Remington Wet 2 Straight, and its killing my hair.

and i have really curly, full hair, kinda like a long afro when i blow dry it.

i need a new one, any suggestions?Flat irons/hair straighteners..?

no wet to straits the wet hair straitening fries the hair

uggh. i know

%26amp;%26amp; i know this is weird but i have to wash my hair the night before to straiten it because hair drying then straitening


horrible damage to your hair so start leaving conditioner in for 5 minutes and wash hair the night before and let it naturally dry.

and never straiten wet.

hope this helps.

=dFlat irons/hair straighteners..?
Any flat iron is going to kill your hair. Try having it relaxed at a salon. It's still bad for your hair, but at least you won't have to fry your hair every day.
i have the same straightener and it is actually gentler on my hair than my CHI. You need a good heat product to put in it before you straighten it. It makes all the difference.

Flat iron/hair straightener?

i want to buy a flat iron/hair straightener that has a swivel cord because that prevents it from tangling when you try to curl your hair

i have a conair flat iron right now and i curl my hair with it, but my hair keeps getting tangle in it because the cord doesn't rotate..it sucks

what stores can i buy a flat iron/hair straightener w/ a swivel cord from?

or where?

no on-line stores.


[Sacramento California]Flat iron/hair straightener?
well someones already said chi but noone said where to buy them!

they don't sell them at sallys

they sell them at regis hair salon (it's in the mall) for like $124 (that's where i got mine)

and they sell them at target for 100 but all the ones there are tacky (like hot pink or cheetah print)

but whatever, noone cares what it looks like as long as it straightens your hair

your choiceFlat iron/hair straightener?
The Best Are GHD's Which You Can Buy From Most Hairdressers. They Curl Really Well If You Know How To.

They Also Sell CHS But They Dont Curl Unless They Have A Round Barrel And They Arent As Good, Especially Not On Thick Hair.

Hope This Helps!!
um a chi has a swivel cord id def reccoment spending your money on a good one especially if you do it daily cause conair cheap ones can RUIN your hair but id try sallys maybe :]
most hair salons have straighteners called chis... they work really good and they'e about 100 dollars but they are amazing!
Cortex is great and it has a swivel cord.

  • cream solution
  • Good flat irons/hair straighteners?

    I'm a dude...my hair isn't very long...just down to my eyes...but it looks better when it's straight.

    My favorite trick is to get a big glob of hair gel, put it all over, comb it straight, let it dry, and then wait for an hour. I can comb my hair straight after that...but it's a nuisance.

    Do you girls know of any good flat irons/hgair straighteners that won't damage my hair or cost a lot?Good flat irons/hair straighteners?
    GHD Mini stylers are specifically aimed at people with short hair. They're ceramic, so they won't damage your hair. GHD's are the Rolls Royce of hairstylers. Trust me, they WORK!!! They're available at good salons, though prices vary from place to place. I bought mine for about $250 (this is just a rough conversion as I use a different currency to US$'s), but they can be found much much cheaper depending on which one you buy. Remember to always use a little heat protective spray or cream before straightening. Why do you assume only girls would know this, by the way!!Good flat irons/hair straighteners?
    there is this stuff call its a 10 that you can buy at a beauty supply store that helps not damage your hair you spray it on before you straighten your hair.

    the best flat iron to by is a chi one or the off brand of chi they are a lot of money but they're the best.
    Go to a beauty supply store ';Sallys Beauty'; and pick one up for about $30. You're putting heat on your hair though...it's not exactly healthy. You can buy sprays, though, to put on there adding moisture and shine as the flat iron does it's job.
    Remington Wet To Straight Hair Straighter Works Awesome
    chi is good. you can get one off ebay pretty cheap
    the ghd thin ones, not sure how much they cost though but they'l do the job prperly:)

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Flat iron/Hair straightener?

    i want to know what the best flat iron or hair straightener you have ever had so here are my questions

    1. What is the iron/ straighteners name and brand?

    2.m what is your hair type?

    3. why do you like this particular iron or straightener?

    details- i don't want a wet to dry oneFlat iron/Hair straightener?
    1. Paul Mitchell smoothing iron

    2. fine straight hair

    3. It actually smoothes your hair and makes it shiny, by far one of the best irons ever for me!Flat iron/Hair straightener?
    1. What is the iron/ straighteners name and brand?


    GHD http://hairstraightenersiron.com/ghdhair鈥?/a>

    CHI http://hairstraightenersiron.com/chihair鈥?/a>

    2.m what is your hair type?



    3. why do you like this particular iron or straightener?


    Because the straightener can straight my hair and take care my hair too.

    Does anybody own the Solia Pink Limited Edition 1'; Flat Iron Hair Straightener?

    I have two hair straighteners, both from my local CVS drugstore. One is Conair, and one is Revlon. My hair is in between thick and thin. I can never seem to get my hair to look somewhat straight with these hair straighteners. I told my mom, and we went on www.folica.com, to check out some hair straighteners. I came across the Solia Pink Limited Edition 1'; Flat Iron, and instantly fell in love. It was $85.00, and the shipping was FREE- standard UPS ground. My mom gave me her credit card, and let me buy it!

    I read about 200 user reviews, and they all had 4 1/2-5 stars with absolutely wonderful comments. Can anybody give me their personal comments and 411 on this straightener and tell me if you think I'll like it?!

    Thank you all so much and enjoy the last few hours of your weekend :)Does anybody own the Solia Pink Limited Edition 1'; Flat Iron Hair Straightener?
    I love Folica ....their shipping is great and it is fast. And if you are not happy with the product you have 30 days to return it..... I have not used the Solia flat iron but I do have the new Sedu and I love it. It was rated number one in several magazines. I can tell the difference in the way my hair feels/looks if I use a cheap flat iron on it verses my Sedu. I am sure you will be happy with the Solia and remember you have thirty days to decide and if you are not you can send it back ~ Remember to get a good flat iron heat protector ( spray, cream etc.,) that is important in protecting your hair.

    Enjoy ~~~Does anybody own the Solia Pink Limited Edition 1'; Flat Iron Hair Straightener?
    As a stylist, I have used a lot of flat irons/hair straighteners, including Sedu, Hai, Infrashine, Chi, Paul Mitchell, Solia, Big Sexy, Andis, Babyliss Ghd, T3, Kenta etc. You should get a Professional hair straightener, they style much better and faster, and most importantly, they protect your hair.

    In terms of performance:

    The best ones are: Sedu, Kenta, Solia, Infrashine, Ghd. These are top of the line professional brands

    Above average: Chi, Hai, Paul Mitchell,

    Average: T3, Big Sexy, Andis, Babyliss

    Below Average: Conair, Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Bed Head etc. These are cheap consumer brands that you will find in drugstore. If you care about your hair, do NOT buy them.

    Helpful Flat Iron Instruction Video:

    How to Curl Hair With Straightener





    How to Use a Flat Iron


    How to Add Volume to Your Hair:


    How to Create Sexy Waves with a Flat Iron


    How to Flip your Hair:


    === Tips for buying professional hair appliances ===

    Do NOT buy professional hair appliances from unauthorized places like amazom.com, eBay, Target, Walmart, etc. Because if you do, manufacturers will refuse to honor the warranty. Buy from licensed places like salon, licensed professional beauty stores like Folica.com, Ulta.com, West Coast Beauty Supply Inc. etc
    I got my Solia a few years back, it worked great for my hair (and my sister's hair too). Last August my sister went to a college in california, she took the Solia with her. Initially I wanted another Solia, but Jonna (my hair stylist) convinced me to get a Sedu. I did. Like Jonna said, Sedu is the best.

    Now they have 2008 model (Sedu Revolution) , i can't wait to try it!
    Noooo.... u should have gottten a Sedu! they are the flat irons from heaven, seriously.
    i've got a wet to straight one. they work fabulously. you can get them from target or walmart. pretty much where ever.
    i have the wet to strait one too. it is amazing!